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Rachel Kane

Rachel Kane

Service Designer

Lifehack is owned by Rachel Kane an Interaction Designer based in Leinster.

My work is based in design research, I provide facilitation to help business owners bridge the gap between services, digital communication and the people who use them, for an all round inclusive design.

With over 20 years experience working across all industry sectors, whether you are looking for graphic facilitation, design research, or an inclusive business package for SMEs get in touch to find out how…hello@lifehack.ie

Audrey Kane

Audrey Kane

Graphic Designer

Audrey Kane is a talented designer and an amazing writer.

I have led magazine teams, newspaper production teams and designed solo projects  collaborating on book designs and independent publications.

My graphic design and leadership skills have been honed in newspaper houses from local to national currently at INM. audreykanegraphics@gmail.com

Robin Free

Robin Free

Leanweb I.T.

Robin Free is an experienced engineer, business professional and developer.

Manufacturing: Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Paper & Paperboard production

Circuit production, Analogue & Digital capture, Software production, Micro-programmable devices

Business management, New business setup, Financial reporting, Project development

. Major account management, Client support and development, Ship-to-stock supply line processes. robin@leanweb.eu

Karen O' Donnell

Karen O' Donnell

Communications Coach

Karen O’ Donnell has enjoyed working with people from diverse backgrounds.

As an experienced Coach, Karen is passionate about the development of Emotional Intelligence. Teams at Google, State Street and Accenture have seen the positive impact it has in the work environment.

As a highly trained & skilful communicator, Karen delivers training programmes in a fun and impactful way. connect@karenodonnell.ie

Aine Bonner

Aine Bonner


Aine Bonner is  a results-driven and highly motivated communications specialist.

I have a reputation for making clients stand out from the crowd. Excellent networker who constantly seeks growth opportunities, works well independently, is motivated, organised and gets results.

I will work closely with you to help you achieve and surpass your goals. From PR to social media strategies and knowing who to contact to get your brand’s story out there, my experience and passion won’t disappoint.

Martin Blake

Martin Blake

Content Creator

Martin Blake makes up half of the team at www.baileyandblake.com 

As a content creator I have been involved with visual arts from 1981. My love for still photography has evolved into digital movie production and editing, with Oliver Fallen Bailey.

With over 30 years experience in business, We combine our skills to promote client needs. baileyandblake1@gmail.com 


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