Hello, we are Lifehack, Service Designers with a passion for designing inclusive digital communications  – to make your beautiful content accessible to a wider audience.

What does that mean? Taking your unique customer knowledge you already have, we explore the issues locally and in the context of how your customers interact with your brand on and offline. Observing, testing and by facilitating design research we can design a better customer experience together. So if you are just starting out with a Local Enterprise Office or in a rural area with support from your local Leader Office or if you survived the recession and are looking to redesign your brand and website using the Trading Online Voucher Scheme contact Rachel at Lifehack now 087 783 0159

Collaborating with a broad spectrum of talent from graphic designers and web designers to engineers, community groups and local government to bring your current business model from physical to digital by researching the current environment together.

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

Ralph Speth

CEO, Jaguar